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Learning Videos

Learning Videos

We have been thinking about making and publishing learning videos for a while now. We thought they would be a great idea to show parents different ideas of activities they could do with their children, show real learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage and help to promote self-esteem in the children when they see their own learning.

This year we will be developing more Learning Videos to use in the setting to help children with their learning but to also share with you. We hope it will be useful to see the kind of activities and learning the children do at Bouncy Bear and give you ideas on how to further support their learning at home.

We will notify you in the newsletter as each one goes up on the website and as always we will seek your approval and signed permission if your child is in the video, as stipulated in our Confidentiality Policy. If you have any ideas for our Learning Videos please speak to Paul or Lisa who will do their best to help you.

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