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Settling In

Settling In

Starting nursery can be daunting for both children and their families therefore we aim to make Bouncy Bear a welcoming place where children settle quickly and easily.

We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy in the setting and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. In order to do this we do the following:

  1. Prior to your child starting their placement in the setting, we encourage and provide opportunities for you and your child to visit.
  2. We allocate a Key Person to your child before they start Bouncy Bear; the Key Person welcomes and looks after your child and your family during the settling-in process.
  3. To help the transition from being at home to starting a setting we complete a series of inductions gradually building up the child’s nursery time. During the first induction we invite you to come and complete an induction pack, this takes around an hour. During this hour the child can explore the nursery, meet their Key Person and some new friends! 
  4. The next induction is a taster for the child to come without their families and stay for a short period of time (2 hours). Throughout the 2 hour induction the child will spend time with their Key Person and begin to form positive relationships.

  5. We aim, over time, to build strong relationships between your child and all members of our team. This helps to make your child comfortable within the setting and not solely with an individual person (their Key Person) helping them to adapt when their Key Person is on leave or training.
  6. Within the first eight weeks of starting we offer you the opportunity to meet with their child’s Key Person to discuss your child’s settling-in progress and individual development record.


We operate an Open Door Policy and if at any time you have any concerns or questions about your child, procedures, staff members or any aspect of the day to day running of the Nursery we want to know. We will always try to be available if you need us and if we cannot do it straight away, we will agree a suitable time to sit down and talk.


We know it can be an extremely worrying time for some parents, leaving their child for the first time. Please be reassured we will do everything we can to make your child’s time with Bouncy Bear as enjoyable as possible and support you and your family through this difficult transition.


If you would like to book a visit to the nursery you can contact us by email or telephone us on (01823) 667149 Bouncy Bear, Courtland Road. We look forward to seeing you.

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