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Children go through many changes or transitions in their lives and they can be unsettling, confusing and frightening. We try to do our best at Bouncy Bear to support you and your child through the transitions that they will face during their time with us.


Settling In

The first transition will most likely be settling in and can often be full of emotions for both the child and their parents. We have included lots of information on how we help your family to settle into Bouncy Bear on our Settling In page. Please be reassured that we understand how difficult this time can be for families and have supported hundreds of children and parents through this period. 


Personal Events

There are many transitions that your child may experience at home that we can support them with in the setting. You may get remarried, have a new baby, experience a death in the family, move home or go through a divorce / separation. We will first speak to you about how you would like us to support your child with the change and then we will share stories with your child focused on their individual transition, have role play games linked to the transition (if appropriate) and most importantly spend time listening and supporting your child with their questions and / or concerns.


Leaving to go to Primary School

In the September following a child’s fourth birthday they often start Primary School. This can be unsettling for families so we do a number of things to help with this next step in their journey. We share stories, we link up with Primary schools for events, we invite Reception Teachers in to visit the children and we teach children how to open packets, bananas and yogurt packs to help make their lunch times easier.

We also have a fantastic Graduation Event where the children celebrate their achievements with Bouncy Bear and look forward to the future at their new school. Families are invited and it is a very special and emotional time!

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