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We would love the children to grow up being part of and feeling proud of their community. We want them to know how they can positively change their environment through their choices for the benefit of themselves and others. A generation who feels a valued part of their community is more likely to take care of it for future generations, to help others feel safe and protected within it and know where they can go for help and support should they need it.

Our local environment has many beautiful and recognisable areas such as Wellington Park, Wellington Basins and Wellington Monument. We take the children to visit these landmarks and explain their importance and value to Wellington. We show the children how to behave in these locations and not to drop their litter and why. We hope to teach them respect for their environment so they are less likely to vandalise it in the future.

Our community is full of incredibly helpful and knowledgeable adults who have skills and information they can share with our children to help keep them safe. The children regularly meet with the local Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Services, Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians, Teachers, Farmers and so many more. They all help our children to learn how to stay safe, eat healthy and understand more about the specific job roles. They give their time, free of charge, to help the children learn and thrive. We are very fortunate to be part of such a generous community and we hope that when people see this kindness they will feel motivated to give to their community as well. There are some photos below but you can also visit our Facebook page to see photos of our range of visitors and outings in the local community.

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